Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

Packaging Items: Biscuits, Soap, Chocolate, Chikki, Etc.


The product is fed to the machine manually or automatically. The in-feed conveyor takes the product forward and fits in to the tube found by center sealing heat rollers. This tube then further moved ahead to end seal and cut off operations. This is a continuous process machine where the synchronization of in-feed conveyor, tube forming device, end seal & cut off jaws is taken care of by the AC drive & PLC system. The finished product is then transferred to the storage by take-off conveyor.

Features :

  • Adjustable bag former to accommodate wide range of products.
  • Special mechanical arrangement for easy centering of film.
  • Digital display for bag length, speed & count.
  • Separate temperature controllers for center & end seals
  • Cost effective
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Minimum manpower required
  • Customized according to the product and shape
  • Hassle-free and noiseless operation
  • Maximum output
  • Sturdy body
  • Longer service lifeTechnical Specifications
    Power Consumption 2.5 KW Single phase
    Pouch Center seal / Pillow type
    Total Load 3 KW
    Geared Motor 1.5 HP 3 Phase